It’s hard to explain exactly how I feel, with the loss of my little cat Fiona. I miss her so much, as I had to say goodbye to her on Monday March 26th.

She was adopted into my home from the SPCA in July of 2005 at the age of 3 months. I felt that it was time for Francesco my male cat to have a playmate! My vet said “If you plan on getting another cat you should do so before Francesco turns 1 years old as he will become very territorial.”

So with Francesco at the age of 10 months and also being adopted into my home now for 7 months, it was off to the SPCA I went in July of 2005.

When I arrived at the SPCA July 4th weekend, I was looking to adopted a 3 month old female kitten. That was the same age Francesco was when I adopted him in December of 2004.

Wow, being the warmer season of the year they had an abundance of kittens to choose from. I immediately fell for this kitten with the name “Butterscotch!” She was also a brown tabby like Francesco but instead of the white belly and paws she had a leopard print spotted belly.

When I told the staff she was the one I liked they took me to a room to play with her while they called my landlord for the ok to adopt. When you rent you must always get your landlord to verify this adoption.

I truly fell in love with her while I bonded with her in the play room. They were not able to get in touch with my landlord after trying for 45 minutes so they said they would hold her aside and that as soon as they heard from my landlord they would let me adopt.

I drove home that July day with tears that soon became MIA when I stepped into my apartment. That flashing light on my phone, that contained a voice mail message from my landlord, was my favorite thing that day. His message stated the approval of the 2nd cat adoption and told me to drive back to the SPCA to get her!

I couldn’t get into my car fast enough and called the SPCA in route to say I was on my way back to get my little kitten.

“Butterscotch” was so tiny, adorable and full of snuggles that while signing the adoption papers I reviewed my name suggestion list and thought Fiona was the perfect name for her and the perfect companion for Francesco.

They had to be seperated for about two weeks in different rooms while I was at work, but then Francesco warmed up to her just fine, and we now could say welcome home Fiona!

Francesco and Fiona were well on their way to a great Friendship!

As much as you say you are only going to have your pets sleep on their beds or the floor they melt your heart and you let them sleep where ever they choose.

So Fiona not only did you bring joy to my world, but you made a lonely Francesco a new kitten all over again. He became more playful, energetic and loved to bathe you every morning.

I like to look at my apartment as not my apartment but Francesco’s and Fiona’s warm and cozy place. Fiona loved to snuggle in blankets, and with me, she was such a wonderful loving cat.

As years went by Francesco has developed a hip arthritis issue and has trouble sometimes jumping up and looking out the window.

With my trips home daily for lunch and a break from work to see my cats I noticed a pattern. Somehow Fiona and Francesco worked out a signal plan. Since Francesco couldn’t get to the window everyday, I started seeing Fiona at the window as I pulled into my parking space. As soon as she saw me get out of the car through the window, she would Meow and by the time I got to the door and opened it both cats were there to greet me. Francesco thanks you for helping him know that his lunch would soon arrive.

Fiona you were yso wonderful helping your buddy out and letting him know I was home to have lunch with you both. I know you were as happy to see me, as I was to see you even if you and I knew that food was involved.

No worries that task at hand you had every morning when my alarm clock went off and I hit snooze has now become Francesco’s new task.

Yes indeed that playing with the plastic blinds noise that seemed to annoy me, but never made me angry is now something Francesco does. (He never did that before).

You always seemed to find comfort in me being awake, not just to get fed, but you knew I would hold you!

Brushing my teeth and getting ready for work or going out, was one of your favorite places to be, as you always found your favorite spot on the bathroom rug.

Trying to put makeup on while holding you was difficult, but you always found your way to melt my heart until I picked you up.

Fiona you are so missed by Francesco and I, that it really is hard to think our home is without you! I even accidentally said “goodbye Fiona” to Francesco Wednesday morning on my way to work.

My visits home for lunch continue and Francesco and I have found ways to remember you. Your red heart blanket now seems to be his favorite comfort spot whether on the sofa or in the kitchen. He seems to follow me around the apartment and is near me any chance he gets, he learned that from you.

Francesco has also found your comfort spot on the bed pillow, and loves to snuggle with me.
His love, comfort and affection is helping ease my sorrow for you not being here.

We miss you Fiona and I thank you for the wonderful years you provided with so much love to us both and the chance for me to care for such an amazing cat!!!

“Cats make you smile, Cats make life better. Cats make their way into your heart…and that’s where they live forever”~Unknown

“Pets are our close companions because they provide love, comfort, safety, warmth, happiness, wonder, laughter, and friendship. Pets teach us to have more patience with life and to enjoy the simple things.”~Unknown

“There is something about the presence of a cat…that seems to take the bite out of being alone”~Unknown


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