Today is brought to you by the letters D and G with lots of smiles!

Happy Friday everyone!

Though my day started off with a seasonal headcold, all that mattered is that it was Friday! As many of you know, I work as a Orthodontist Technican that gives me 4 ten hour work days Monday-Thursday.

It’s the weekend, so not even a silly cold was going to get me down today, as my 2012 goal was just about to come alive! The backorder till February status changed in a flash as a new email arrived right before 11:30. “Ready for pick up” was now added to the top of my to do list!

Panera for lunch with friends to catch up and then it was off to Delaware, Wilmington that is! Music playing as I rolled down 202 South just over the border was my destination!

My new 2012 goal that I have kept secret from many of you and that I set for myself back in November right around my birthday was to learn to play the acoustic guitar.
 I spent many nights researching guitars, brands, used, new, where to buy etc. With the help of my family guitar idols/gurus, and a few other rockin’ musicians I know, I narrowed my thoughts down to a couple starter guitars. Something small and little easier to learn to play.

My thoughts were really on a used guitar, as I wanted to play something that a musican had played to give it sole and character.

My Santas on the other hand had something else in mind. While researching on Dec 24th, I found that Guitar Center was having a major Snowman sale. If I purchased this guitar from The Guitar Center by 3pm Christmas Eve, the package deal was something you could not let fly away. My Santas were amazed at the discount gal that I can be, as I always search for the best bargain!

My GPS brought me right to the front door and Wow if you have never been to a Guitar Center store you should go! My eyes were in heaven at all the beautiful guitars everywhere. Oh testosterone was galore also, as the workers are all men ooh la la!

The customer service at this Wilmington Store blew me right out of the water. They brought my online order up front, got me a few additonal things I asked about and even carried all my items to my car that was parked way on the otherside of the building!

So thank you Nicholas who was so helpful, full of smiles, and treated this customer with so much respect!
 I would like to call him St. Nicholas. You can bet that store is going to hear about how wonderful he was! My Santas as you may wonder are my fathers! Daniel and Walt and myself played a huge roll in making this mini goal come to life and I am very grateful to have communication with them both.  Not just for their birthday/Christmas gift contributions towards this goal, but for all the support in their own way that they both have given me over this past year.

Those that have family may not really understand my world, but I can tell you, the love and support I have received from these two fathers, an Aunt, cousins, and friends this year made my heart bigger than it could ever be. They helped me work through some family sorrows that were brought to me in June of 2011!

Ironically today is Ronda’s birthday this person is my mother who has chosen to leave me out of her world for more than 22 years…

It is also my aunt Doris’s birthday today! The strength that she has given me, to over come things that occurred in 2011, make me think if I could switch mothers in a second I would choose her!

D=Dads, Doris and Delaware and G=Guitar, Goal and that Guy St. Nicholas!

Now the amazed owner of a Martin LXM Little Acoustic Guitar is ready to take lessons, but also has a beginner DVD to study upon.

Maybe I can get a few musican I know to play the guitar then it will feel used and have soul.

 So please jump, skip and leap with me as I bring this mini goal to life!

“Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long, as there’s a dream, there is hope, and as long as there is hope, there is joy in living.” Anonymous


One thought on “Today is brought to you by the letters D and G with lots of smiles!

  1. What do I say. You made me cry.
    The little bit I have done for you and the choice that you would make for a mother is over whelming to me.
    I loved you when you were a child ( such a beautiful little girl ) now I love you as a young woman. You are loved!
    I am so proud of you in every way. You have accomplished so much in your life.
    I am here for you.

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