Grandma Betsey

It is with whole heart today, that I remember those grand memories of my Grandma Betsey Kohlhoff.

The woman who never went anywhere without the right color lipstick or smile on her face.

Her keen sense of humor and firecracker wit certainly brightened any room she entered.

The lady who was my partner in crime for years until my mother caved in and finally agreed to get my ears pierced at age 13. Grandma I have two holes for each ear now!

Beauty she was indeed and it was always a honor to be known as Betsey’s granddaughter wherever I went!

Her hugs wrapped around you like laughter and were full of so much love and comfort always!

Summers were always a treat as it included more time with grandma, especially since I grew up in a single parent working mom family!

This one makes me laugh right now, I like to call it McDonald’s Ice Cream Excursion!

We weren’t allowed to eat at McDonald’s, but with grandma the rules changed! In celebration for Grandparents day one year if you went to McDonald’s with a grandparent you would get a free Sundae.  Well my grandma Betsey was so clever she said let’s hit all 3 locations! Carmel, Hot Fudge, and Strawberry were my dinner, snack and supper that day!

Music plays such as an important part in my life as it did for my grandma! She always had music playing and ♬ ♪ Tie A Yellow Ribbon ’round ol’ Oak Tree ♬ ♪, will always be a spot in my heart. She loved to sing to us and dance around while she cooked, she also loved to play her Electric Organ.

Johnny Cash ♬ ♪ Folsom Prison Blues♬ ♪,  Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, George Jones, The Statler Brothers, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels, Ronnie Milsap, Waylon Jennings ♬ ♪ Good Hearted Woman♬ ♪ were favorite of tunes that rang through her house!

Hogan’s Heroes, Bonanza, The Andy Griffith Show (Mayberry) and Card Sharks are TV shows that we always watched together.

My favorite high school memories were Wednesday Game/supper night! Her apartment was in walking distance of my high school and it was always a nice break in the week. I never did beat her at any of the word games we played, that lady was a whipper snapper of brain knowledge! That knowledge, was always pretty handy when I needed help with my homework, pretty amazing for a lady who never went past 8th grade.

Remember the next time someone makes you angry, frustrated, or upset that you need to make sure you resolve the issue.

Always make it a point to say goodbye or I love you to those around you, for you never know when you may loose that chance!

Due to a disagreement several years ago, my grandmother and I never got to say I love you or goodbye!

So as I grasp at all memories I’m able to find, I know the good times with her growing up certainly outweigh the distance that became of us in the most recent years! Always Cloud the times that do not make you smile in life!

R.I.P. Dear Grandmother I love you! 6/22/1928-10/14/2012

“Hey Grandma Look at my teeth, these Black Jelly Beans are Awesome!”

“Grandmothers Sprinkle Stardust Over Our Lives!”~Unknown


4 thoughts on “Grandma Betsey

  1. Pam, that brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. I know she read that also and is smiley at you right now. You know she has always LOVED YOU!

    • Thank you Uncle Tom, reading this makes me teary eyed also! Some people leave imprints on our souls, they mark our hearts forever! My grandma made me a better, wiser and stronger person that I’ m today! I will be ever so thankful that I was able to spend so much of my childhood and teenage years with her! She always looked at the bright side of everything, I like to think I do a bit of that as well!

  2. Thank you Pam for filling in some of the major holes in my life. The abscents of a beautiful daughter growing up. This really confirms deeper the fact of all your LOVE! It is a lot of information that made me feel quite emotional. I love you Pam

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