My heart is heavy with the loss of my handsome boy Francesco. Loosing a pet is never easy for anyone, and most difficult for myself as I have lost two felines within 3 months of each other.

Adopting a cat of my own, thoughts came around sometime in the start of 2004. I tossed the idea around for several months and had just returned from a 17 day European tour in December. A few days later I was off  to the Chester County SPCA to adopt a new friend.

Before my big travel adventure,  I headed to the pet store to purchase the necessities needed to adopt a kitten. Pet food, water bowl, small cat bed, litter and litter box, so my apartment was all set for a new kitten to arrive home.

Adopting a female young cat was my first choice and the list of names were in hand when I arrived. Much to my surprise all the 3 month old kittens they had were all male. They had female cats but they were much much older, and I had my heart set on a kitten.

So a male kitten it would be, wow which one should I choose they are all so adorable? Oh look at this one, he has white paws and a white bib. He also had a mini staring match with me. I told the SPCA attendant yes I would like to see that one. They said his name was “Jerry”. They watched me interact with him for a bit in the meeting play room, while they called to get verification from my landlord that it would be ok to adopt. He was such an adorable cat and couldn’t wait to make his life a happy one.  After an hour of trying they finally received the approval and “Jerry” would be mine to take home.

While filling out the paperwork they asked what I would like to call “Jerry”. Jerry was not the name for him, as that was an ex-boyfriend of mine, so indeed “Jerry” became MIA very quickly!

I had no male names picked out, but had just returned from Europe and my male bus driver/tour guide’s name was Francesco. Yes Francesco that will be his name I told the lady.

This being the first kitten I had adopted on my own I didn’t have a carrier, so they had a small cardboard one that would be great as a temporary just to get him home.

Welcome home Francesco!

Do you remember the time I brought in a snowball for you to play with? You didn’t know what to do with it but kept touching it with your paw. So cold you thought and at that moment I believe you were glad that you were an indoor cat.

Your silly adventures with getting into a paper bag or a cardboard box. It didn’t matter how small some of them were, you somehow got yourself inside.

Through the years you have given me so much love and affection, especially on my lunch visits home as you always had a toy mouse waiting for me to step on as I entered the door.

You were always there with a purr to greet me at the door every evening.

You always were the best alarm clock, waking me by jumping up on the bed with a purr and a gentle touch on my face with your paw.

You with your cat claws never seem to hurt me, your affection was always with love.

Though I love you and Fiona both, I can’t help to think you were my favorite. You were the first cat I adopted, you were always so good as you always seemed to listen to me. Your stare was so intense, if I said your name in stern it was almost like you knew what you were doing was wrong and you would stop.

I thank you for hanging on these last few months, to help me with the loss of Fiona in March. I know you miss her as much as I do as you started doing things that only I remember her doing.

You know the scratching of the plastic blinds in the morning to wake me up, or the meowing at me from the floor. Not letting me eat my lunch as you wanted to be held with hugs and kisses.

I thank you for all the memories that we shared and I’m grateful for all the photos I have of you.

Your time in the world was short to me, but you brought me so many smiles, affection and love that I will never forget.

Love to you my dear Francesco!

R.I.P.  9/17/04-7/5/12

“There Is Something about the presence of a cat…that seems to take the bite out of being alone”~unknown

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”~Martin Buber


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